Food Monster App – One Green Planet

Ya’ll have heard of One Green Planet right? What am I saying? Of course you have. I share some of my recipes with them, you can see my profile here. One Green Planet is basically a vegan lifestyle community.  You can sign up and create an account that allows you to save recipes, but you don’t need an account in order to access the site.  In addition to amazing vegan recipes compiled from various food bloggers across the internet, the site offers lifestyle tips, beauty secrets, and of course, cute and fuzzy animals.

I am beyond excited to be able to share the news of their new Food Monster App that’s being release on Earth Day (4/22).  But you don’t have to wait! That’s right, if you click that link you’ll be able to download the app today, just for reading my blog. Isn’t that awesome?

Just like on the website, you log into your account (there is a small subscription fee) and create your own recipe collections. You can like recipes, bookmark them for later and even comment and interact with other Food Monster members.

The app has a lot more than just recipes. The feature I love most is that I can search for recipes by ingredient. So if I have half a can of black beans leftover from a different recipe, I can log on to the Food Monster App and search specifically for black bean recipes.

Food Monster App

The Food Monster App has recipe playlists, called collections. The collections have a theme and contain a list of tons of recipes that all fit that theme.  Say you’re in the mood for salads but don’t want to be basic, log on and go to the Creative Salads collection.  Collections range from spicy foods to desserts to single serving recipes and even a raw soup collection.

Food Monster App - One Green Planet

The explore feature allows you to do broad searches.  You can explore different diets (all are vegan) like gluten free recipes, even sugar free options.

Food Monster App

We all need a little motivation and creativity boost sometimes.  This app is perfect for that.  All of the recipes you could ever want are right at your fingertips. You have the control to search recipes down to the most specific details, or the freedom to browse aimlessly.  I love the idea of creating a virtual recipe box that I can come back to when I need a last minute dinner idea.

To learn more about the app watch this video, and remember that you can download it today using this link! Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll see you on the app!

Laura Lemon